Know the Flow: Projecting Your Business Cash Flow

How old is your business now? Wondering why it is what it is? Try looking at your total growth the past few years, and you’ll probably ask yourself, “what now?”

There is such a thing as a business life cycle, and every business goes through with it. Even the ones that are more than fifty years of age, still go through with it. They are called in different ways, but in general there’s the start-up, the expansion, the climax, and the inevitable decline. Knowing which part you are currently in will help you plan out your next business strategy to either help you grow, or keep you from falling down. The key is to postpone each stage so that you’ll get the most out of it.

Remember, even children stopped being children, but they never stopped growing up, they just end up as adults, where they are at the starting point again. Most of the time, the end isn’t actually the end of the story, it’s just part one.

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