Keeping Up Appearances

Staying with the times can be much more difficult than it sounds. Constantly having to worry about your appearance can be one of the most time consuming and fatiguing aspects about being a small business owner. However, if you stick to a few important points, you won’t need exert so much energy over trying to look casual. That seems to defeat the purpose, don’t you think?

Here are a few tips.

Match the right things.

Miss matched products cause confusion. The majority of us wouldn’t put our lawn mower in our kitchen, so why should you mix two things that aren’t relative to each other. The last thing you want is your customers or clients to feel as if they are in a junk shop. Find products that complement each other. It could be anything from product type and function, all the way to the colour of the item.

Go Minimal, but don’t have an empty shop.

If you look at some of the most successful shops in the consumer world today, you will probably notice one thing. Sleek, minimal design and technology is a forte is essential when it comes to presentation. Instead of a massive cumbersome POS terminal from the 80’s, accept payments with payleven’s mobile chip and pin device. Keep your countertop free of clumsy, old technology.

Minimalism is important. However, don’t get too caught up in this. If your shop is too minimal, you might come off as pretentious and scare away potential customers.

Go forward by staying traditional.

Customers love a store or product with history and tradition. If you are an older business who has always done something for the customer in a certain way, keep that. Just modernize it. Tradition will keep an identity of your product or store that customers will identify with. This will trigger a special emotion when they think of your services that will automatically draw them towards you.

Accept credit cards

One of the biggest things holding small businesses back in the past these days, is the fact they do not accept credit card payments. Credit cards are not a new thing. However, small boutiques and specialty stores are still not accepting credit cards because of several reasons such as high cost, lengthy contracts and old technology. This is not the case anymore because of the solutions available. You are now able to accept card payments through your smart phone with no chords, contracts or old technology. Time to modernize and bring in more customers!

Remember, don’t try too hard.

The best way to keep up appearance is by not trying so hard. If you spend too much time trying to perfect casual look, it will come off as manufactured and fake. This turns customers off just as much as not putting any effort in at all. The one thing you shouldn’t do in order to look casual is stress too much.

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