Create Music with the Maschine Groove Production Studio 1.8

I’m really no musician. The only instrument I could probably play is the triangle. I’ve heard of the maschine groove production studio 1.8 however, and a lot of people have said that it works really well at music production and editing. I’ve seen photos of it online, and have to say it looks pretty impressive. Maybe with the right tweaking and sampling, even I could sound like a great musician.

It may sound silly, but the thing I noticed first about the device was the colorful keypad it came with. It made the whole music editing machine seem more friendly and fun, instead of the ordinary black devices I’ve previously seen. The latest update now allows it to come with color coding and even more effects. This lets you browse through, slice and sound-shape whatever you want. I wish I knew how to use of one these devices. It would be like letting you make your own personal background music for whatever day or event you wanted.

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