Be Your Own Boss in the Thriving Home-Inspection Industry

lucrative-careerIf you’ve ever dreamed of being your own boss, now is the perfect time to do it by getting into the home-inspection business. It doesn’t matter that housing values are still low. Home inspectors are still in high demand. In fact, many quality inspectors are getting more requests for business than they can handle. This is largely because “for sale by owner” and investment houses are on the rise. Sellers want to avoid having to pay real estate commissions and investors want to scoop up deals before anyone else. Since nearly every home that is bought or sold needs an inspection before the transaction can be completed, it is a land of plenty for home inspectors.

The clamoring demand for home inspections coupled with a lack of industry standards is what led Bill Redfern to start his company, A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections, and then turn it into a successful franchise. People who purchase a Buyer’s Choice franchise not only become their own boss, they’re also virtually assured of a steady stream of customers. Franchising A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections was a winning proposition for everyone.

This is an excellent opportunity for people with an entrepreneurial spirit to finally quit their jobs and work for themselves. It isn’t even necessary to have prior experience in the home inspection business. You’ll complete a thorough home study program to begin your home-inspection education. After that, you’ll go to A Buyer’s Choice’s intensive two-week training program in South Florida. You’ll know every aspect of the business when you’re done with his special “boot camp,” and you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with your new franchise. An additional plus is that it costs much less to open your own A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections franchise than it does to start most other types of businesses. You can even run your business from your own home and save on leasing costs and overhead. This means most of the money you can make with your franchise will be pure profit.

The company has 30 franchises in the United States already and there is room for a lot more. There are also franchises in Canada, New Zealand, and parts of Europe and South America. Bill Redfern plans to expand A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections into more of Florida and Europe soon. You could get in on these or a variety of other open and lucrative locations. Beat the economic status quo by opening your own home-inspection business and see just how far this amazing industry can take you.

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