Sex Crimes throughout Florida: Serious Offense for Citizens

Sex CrimesFlorida has seen its own share of lewd sexual behavior with different groups focusing on assaulting others. In some cases children with a two year age difference could be held responsible for any sexual activities resulting in one or both are charged. Florida often refers to the common term rape as sexual battery involving a person or group forcing another to indulge in sexual acts.

Defining the Meaning of a Sexual Crime

This forceful act is noted as a sex crime as it deals with a person vilely takes advantage of another person’s body without their consent. This can also stretch to children being forced by strangers, neighbors, or even family members sexually assaulting them. The state has three with different levels of sex offenses which include rape, sexual activities with children and juveniles under the age of sixteen.

Florida Says No To Sexual Battery of Any Type

Looking Deeper Into the Cases Involving Sexual Battery:

  • Children and juveniles who have had sexual relations with an adult by force or luring is a sexually battery victim
  • Rape is sexual battery
  • There are three types of sexual offenses in Florida: Improper actions and sexual ventures with minors under sixteen, disobeying laws with sexual acts on teenagers, and general sexual battery without another’s acceptance.
  • Statutory Rape is considered only when the participating adult is at least twenty-years of age with the consent of the teenager.
  • Acts with Children under sixteen years old can result in four sub-categories such as battery, molestation, rude conduct, and exhibition

Many should know that the law for sexual favors or behavior with any child or minor under 18 is a serious offense and can result in the attacker being sent to prison and listed as a sex offender. The sex offender will be listed on Florida’s active sex offender sites for parents, schools, and courts to be notified. Rapist can expect time spent locked away with restraints on their victim. These citizens who ignore these laws cannot find a reasonable defense and will be charged to the highest degree.

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