Real Estate Market Trends in New Brunswick

The real estate market trends in New Brunswick are unique to those of other provinces in many ways. The prices of homes have risen steadily in coordination with national averages at 2.3%, however the cost of purchasing a home is almost half to that of the national average. If you are looking for vacant land with stunning views and imagery, this Northeastern Canadian province is for you.


The Details on New Brunswick

People who choose to live in New Brunswick have a deep appreciation for the outdoors and a high quality of life. Residents of New Brunswick enjoy skiing on pristine powder on any number of resorts outside Fredericton, Sussex, Edmundston, and Atholville. These resorts have slopes that are wide open and less congested than their more well-known counterparts in other regions making it a far more desirable destination for skiers of all levels.

Another aspect of life residents enjoy is to explore the lakes and rivers by kayak and the cliffs and forests by foot. People in this region often enjoy simple aspects of life in addition to the comforts of a larger town or city. The balance of life is part of the charm. Up to 80% of the land in New Brunswick is covered in forest allowing for an ultimate back-to-basics life or weekend getaway experience.

Trending New Brunswick

Currently, Fredericton is becoming the most desirable area for new residents. Saint John is another popular town with plenty of attractions and activities, however home sales were down slightly on the year. Northern New Brunswick and Moncton both experienced significant drops in home sales during the past year. These shifts might simply be due to a lower number of houses available in these regions rather than a lack of interest in the communities.

The number of people moving out of New Brunswick is slightly greater than the number of people migrating to the province. This trend may be contributing to the available housing and the lower housing prices in comparison to other provinces. New Brunswick is continually growing in popularity with international migrants, however local residents are more likely to move to other provinces which may have to do with employment shifts rather than desirability.

The cost of property available in New Brunswick is significantly less than property in most other regions of Canada. A dream acreage in this province will cost a fraction of what the same land would cost in Ontario or Quebec. The community may be small, however it is quite diverse. In fact, both French and English are the official languages of this province with a sizeable French-speaking population localizing in the Northern one-third of the province near Quebec.

Land for sale in New Brunswick is possible for people on nearly any budget. You will be able to purchase more property for your money over nearly any other province. This is the province for people looking for an international community who enjoys a more simple life and outdoor activities alongside the offerings of larger towns and cities.


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