All about Identity Recovery Insurance: System and Coverage

An identity theft is scheme when somebody uses your personal information to withdraw funds, take out loans, or open bank accounts. Protecting yourself from identity thieves is now a no-sweat task. You can get Identity Recovery insurance to help recant what’s yours whether it’s your identity or your money. These relevant details will help you determine how buying recovery insurance becomes useful enough.


A typical Identity Recovery Insurance will help you save time and hundreds of dollars by endowing low annual fee. In Erie Insurance Company, they can recompense you more than $5,000 for all the lost. The insured will also receive legal fees including the expenses for opposing any lawsuit brought against him.


Most insurance companies are associated with different authority organizations and bureaus. For example, Erie provides Identity Recovery Insurance with the help of the Federal Trade Commission and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Their Clients can directly contact Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union which are three of the major credit agencies.

Recovery process

The customer service representative assigned by the insurance company will contact the fraud departments of major credit cards bureaus; write a letter on Social Security Administration; arrange for legal referrals for help; and request copies of your credit reports.

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