Rise in Property Crimes in Illinois

property crimesProperty crimes are on the rise in Illinois whether because of the economy or maintaining the idea stealing will get criminals farther. Several homes a year will be robbed, mostly within the same neighborhoods with limited police enforcement or proper security devices. Thieves are constantly looking for the weakest defense in ill prepared homes to steal valuable trinkets or objects.

Houses on the opposite end of Illinois may experience different problems with property being stolen within their homes. Property crimes are the result of burglars breaking homes taking various objects which were never in their possession. The items solely belong to the owner of the house, but are stolen for the purpose of selling for money or keeping in another home. A majority of the time the owners have gone out for the night or extended vacations. Even with security devices of all manners, robbers learn to evolve their handy techniques to the point of houses becoming easy targets.

A Cry for Help with Property Crime

Determining If You Are a Victim:

  • Item missing such as TVs, gaming consoles, cell phones, jewelry, and etc.
  • Items misplaced from original area
  • Broken windows, open doors after security has been set, broken handles, wooden panels split, and etc.
  • Certain Unknown persons hovering around the vicinity
  • Robber used tools such as crowbars, cemented bricks, rocks, or guns to invade the home

Property is most vulnerable to thieves who would take away the item to claim for their own. There is the chance of finding your items again, but you will need substantial amount of proof to show the item is yours alone. Items which are found by another are not suggested to be property crimes as the item was not ever the home or removed from the household. If a person does enter a home with any body part and takes something of the original owner without their permission. A person found involved or the cause of the crime could face time in jail along with a large fine, going on a record for a judge to review.

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