Tips To Make Extra Money On Ebay

  1. Look around the house. There’s bound to be a lot of items you simply do not need or use anymore. Look in the wardrobe for clothes, shoes, bags that are in good, saleable condition that you’ve never worn and are likely to never wear, those that you have outgrown, etc. Bric-a-brac items like household trinkets, jewelry, etc. Anything you are not using but feel someone else might need can make you money on ebay.
  2. On some research by looking up what other sellers have posted to get an idea of what’s selling and how much you can sell your items if you find similar on ebay.
  3. Try and upload your items on weekends. First of all, more people are likely to search on weekends, being off work/school. Also, to insert your items on Saturdays & Sundays is usually free. You can save yourself a few cents, which adds up especially if you are uploading a lot of items.
  4.  You can auction off your products or set a fixed price. Make sure when you auction, the starting price is the least amount you are willing to take for the product.
  5. In the description of your product, provide as much details as possible so buyers know exactly what they are getting.
  6. Opting in to Ebay’s design and gallery tools can make your products more attractive to buyers and more likely to sell.
  7. Paypal is the easiest and most common way to receive payment, but it might also help to provide variety of payment options to make it convenient for buyers.
  8. Provide high quality service by being honest with listings, shipping on time, dealing with customer queries on time and in a good manner and the positive feedback you receive will help you sell items in the future.

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