My Dad’s Old Friend

I just saw Ernesto at the corner of the street few days ago. I can still remember him, he was a former band member of the dad’s band. My dad and Ernesto were friends and they just lost communication with each other when Ernesto immigrated at United Kingdom for greener pasture. I know it is Ernesto because he still looks young after 15 years.

I was having a snack at a diner when I saw Ernesto with another man (probably his son, his brother or his friend). Ernesto was wearing black leather jacket, corduroy pants and black leather boots. His hair is combed neatly and he has some bling-bling in his body. He brings an mf fishman loudbox on his right hand and a mobile phone on the left hand. I didn’t have the chance to talk to him because he and his pal rode a black van and was gone. I believe he still sings with a band somewhere and I know I’ll get a chance to sing with my dad’s old friend.

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