Is money important for our health?

Health Savings AccountsMoney is very important for our health. If we have no money we live in an ugly cycle of bad health and poverty. We can’t work and hence cannot earn living. Certainly it is not enough to ensure proper diet and medications or supplements to bring them back to real health again. For many, the disability income is not nearly enough to live on. So they have not lived a better life. They live in a limbo world, where they struggle from month to month. Paying their bills as best they can, and when the money runs out, they cut back in the one area they can cut back on. The special diets that will build up their bodies are expensive. The medication which helps to correct the condition may be out of reach. The supplements that would right the imbalances…might as well are on the moon. So the earn money is impotent for health

What we do to earn our living in better ways?

We should do the best for earn money. Hard work, struggle, honesty is the ways to get better life. Hard work means if you get one job in morning you may do part time job in evening. When you struggle for what you want you achieve your aim for best life. When you honest with your work or job and the all relations of your life you may achieve success in all ways of life. You can get better life by earn money. There is another way to earn money. You may set your budget. Budgeting is your single most effective weapon for fighting debt and planning your future. When you live your life with the role of budget you should save money for your future. In future your save money is spend on many problems like children’s education and yours parents health.

Are money and health both important for life?

Yes money and heath both are important for life. Money depends on health when you have good health you should do your work properly without interruption. When you give your best with your good health you can easily earn money. This is a circle of life. “Health is too important a thing to give the control up to someone else …. If you make bad decision about health, it could be the worst mistake of your life and cost you your life.” Wealth makes people happy. So the money and the health both play an important role in life.

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