How to Improve Communication in Your Business

Home_giftaidWhen you are running a business it is not enough to simply offer a great product or the highest level of expertise. Although of course these things are important, the only way to ensure that your customers know about your business and have a good experience overall is through the use of effective communication techniques.

Whether you are advertising your services, pitching to win new clients or hoping to improve your customer service, communication is key to making your business a great success. Here are a few top tips to help you improve across the board.

Client Meetings

Whether you are meeting a potential new customer or someone who has previous experience of your business, communication is never more important than during face to face meetings. Ensure that your tone remains professional at all times, and try not to let nerves get the better of you. Employ breathing techniques to help you to remain calm, and make a conscious efforts to leave pauses between points so that the client has a chance to interject if they have a question. Preparation makes a big difference to your confidence levels, so make sure you do your homework and have plenty of relevant material to hand.

Customer Service

The aim of good customer service is to make sure that your customers feel they are being heard. It is vital that your customers are greeted with a polite and helpful tone every time they do business with you, whether they have a routine question or would like to make a complaint.

Problem Solving

Provide your staff with training on how to handle objections effectively, and ensure that your customers know who to contact if they need help with anything. Asking for feedback can help to uncover problems before they grow to an unmanageable size, and helps you to improve your practices for the future. However you hear about an issue, make sure that is is addressed quickly to ensure that the customer’s lasting impression is of being well cared for.


Communication is the key to brand awareness, whether you use online marketing, traditional advertising or a combination of the two. Ensure that any copy included in your marketing material is well written, with a clear, concise message and absolutely no grammatical or spelling mistakes. This is the first contact that many people will have with your business, so it is imperative that it makes a great first impression. If you decide to utilise social media as part of your marketing campaign, make time to check and update it regularly so that you can respond to any comments or other engagement from your audience.


Depending of the nature of your interaction with a customer, it is often wise to follow up your conversations with written confirmation of what has been discussed. This gives both parties the opportunity to clarify their understanding of what has been agreed upon. Any written correspondence should be highly professional and preferably branded; so emails should bear a signature and letters should be sent using official company stationary.

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