Finding My Daughter Her Dream Guitar

Finding my daughter an instrument to play for school was one of the most exciting times of our life. Believe it or not, but our entire family was so anxious to see my little girl play in front of a huge crowd of people. At first she seemed very shy around people, but once she got into band and found her love of playing music she seemed to open up. She can play a wide variety of different instrumentals like the violin, piano and the guitar.

I made it my life’s duty to find her a good guitar for her performance. She stated that she wanted a Spanish guitar because she loved the sound that was produced by it. Luckily for me there was a g&l guitar center right around the corner from my home. G&L sells other types of instruments as well, but is mainly focused on guitars. I was able to find her a Spanish guitar within weeks of her performance. On the night of her performance she shocked the crowd with her abilities and made her family very proud of her.

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