Building Dreams with your Family

Mr. Leonardo is a professional teacher and I knew him for almost five years. He is my former English teacher, he is a good person and he helps the needy. He is a teacher and teachers have salaries just enough for the needs of their family. Sometimes, they may apply loans in private companies just to acquire things they wanted and they need to continue their profession.

Mr. Leonardo is living on an apartment together with his wife and son. He and his wife pays for the apartment unit. Since they have just occupied the apartment few months ago, they still need some furniture in the apartment. Mr. Leonardo applied another loan for the acquisition of appliance bundles for their apartment. The appliances arrived in few days and the couple are very happy because at last their apartment looks homey. They are happy because of the couple’s sacrifice and patience, they can now see their attainment of their dreams. The couple are now inspired to work harder for the service of the people and earn for their son’s future.

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