Arts and Crafts

I never really excelled at arts and crafts while growing up, but I had to take at least one class in order for me to graduate from high school. I am not afraid to admit that after taking this class I had a new respect for the arts. At first I believe it was just all mumbo jumbo and took no really serious skill or training to master. As I delved further into it, I found that I was completely wrong.

My art teacher taught us about different types of paints, hues, colors textures and even materials. One material that I never truly understood was the LSP ceramic tube. I still to this day do not know what they are used for, but all in all my experience with arts and crafts was not to be bad. I learned how to create a few things by hand and also got a chance to relax from the stress of rigorous courses like: math, English, and social studies.

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