Advertising & Marketing Strategy

4 psAdvertising and marketing are very important components that are playing a vital role in the growth and success of the company. These two components are looking the same according to their nature and that is why the people are getting confused in accessing their nature quite well, but this is a fact that there is a difference between advertising and marketing.

Let’s see how the advertising and marketing are different.

First of all, let’s have a look at the marketing.


Marketing have a systematic approach regarding the planning to bring the buyers and sellers on that point on which both buyers and sellers have some kind of advantage. The advantage for the buyers is in term of product that they wanted and the advantage for the sellers is in term of money that is in the shape of profit that they earned from the customers or buyers.

Marketing use the different tools to get the desired response from the customers or to get the desired output for the company by using these tools. These tools of marketing are known as 4P’s of marketing mix. Marketing mix is a very renowned name in the field of marketing.

These 4P’s of marketing mix are:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion


The first ‘P’ of marketing mix is product. First of all, the company must develop the strategy about the product. The strategy about the product includes that the company should have the clear idea about the product that the company is offering to the customers. The company should develop the strategies towards brand name, quality, accessories, packaging, installation, after sales services and warranty of the product.


The second ‘P’ of marketing mix is price. The company should set the price of the product by analyzing various factors like the cost of the product, purchasing power of the customers in the market in which the product is offering, competitive price according to the competitor’s prices of the product in the similar market.


The third ‘P’ of marketing mix is place. It is also very important factor of the marketing mix. The marketing strategies should be on the basis of the place in which the company is offering its product to the customers. The place for promoting the product is much counted because it is very important for the company to have a clear idea about the place in which the company is offering its product.


Promotion is also known as advertising. It is also very important part of the marketing mix. This tool is used to place the ad of product by using different ways like sign boards, hoardings, print media, electronic media etc.

Now let’s have a look on the advertising.


We can say that the advertising is the sub part of the marketing. Advertising is basically a tool that is use in promoting the product in the market. Advertising has no concern with the business, product or the services that you are offering to the customers. Advertising is basically a process that develops the strategies to promote the product of the company in terms of ad placement. This process is to place the ad in kind of medium of advertising. There are so many mediums to place the ad like ads on television, radio, sign boards, hoarding, print media etc.

It is very important to use this tool of advertising in effective way that this is going to be helpful for the growth of the product of the company.

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