Accident at the Big Play!

It was the day of the big school play and it was a disaster. It seemed as if the whole stage was turning against us. Piece of equipment had gone missing, a part of the stage floor was sticky or slippery and piece of lighting needed to be replaced. My teacher sent my friend and I out to get lighting truss, light bulbs as well as other lighting accessories.

My friend’s car died on the way to the store we got caught up in a shopping frenzy and all of the cash register in store seemed to be suffering from some sort of malfunction. Today was really not our day! Finally we returned to the school and began putting up the lighting equipment. As my friend and I are setting up the final lighting truss, his side comes unloose and smacks me in the head. I wake up in the hospital dazed, but without any serious injuries. I did not get to see the play, but with our luck I doubt it got past the first act.

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