What is business & entrepreneurship?

entrepreneurshipThe most common error or mistake made today is that business and entrepreneurship are taken as the same concept while the fact is that two are quite different from each other. You need to learn about the ethics of business before starting it and these ethics are called as entrepreneurship when are acquired fully or partially by the business companies. The business means to earn money and profit without thinking that the work is harming the world or not such as many companies are only working for their own benefits and for that they even do not hesitate from destroying the rights of the common people.


The entrepreneurship or social entrepreneurship means that company is not working only for its benefit but it also following the social responsibility. In today’s world social entrepreneurship is followed at almost every level of the business even at local level which is good sign for the world. The entrepreneurship means work in welfare of the society irrespective of the color discrimination or nationality discrimination when business is operating globally, local business follows more ethics and work for the welfare of the society with the dream to provide better tomorrow to the coming generations of the world.


Business in its sense does not have any wrong meaning but when it comes in comparison with entrepreneurship than its meaning changes completely. Business in today’s world does not follow any ethics and they are willing to do any thing for the sake of money and profit. They don’t have any concern in the coming future and generations of the world, all businesses care about is themselves and their today. Businesses believes that they are no tomorrow and if they don’t cheat or break ethics of the world it will not bring any good to the world as everyone in their point of view is doing the same thing.


The comparison of the entrepreneurship and business can be analyzed in many ways but you need to follow both business and entrepreneurship in your life as sometimes you need to care for others and sometimes you need to take care of your business more but that too can be done without breaking ethics and by just not following them.

There are too many businesses are running in the fast world of today and some of them are following entrepreneurship locally and globally. These entrepreneurships have maintained the balance of life and that’s why the world is alive today if these people stop caring about the society than this world would have been converted into forest along time ago and world have returned back to ages of stones. So you, I and everyone else not only need to learn the ethics but to follow them for the better future of all of us and coming generations of the world. May God bless them.

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