Unique Wedding Bomboniere Ideas Your Guests will Love

wedding favorsWedding favours are a great way to say “thank you” to your wedding guests for their love and support and for being a part of your special day. Wedding favours can be as simple as a thank-you card or some sugared almonds, or they can be as extravagant as you want. For newlyweds who really want to show their appreciation, consider some of these unique bomboniere ideas to tell your story as a newly married couple and show your guests how much you appreciate them.

Uniquely Labelled Wine Bottle

A nice bottle of red or white wine with your own unique label on it is a memorable gift that your guests will appreciate. Not only will they enjoy the wine, but they will have a lovely memento of your special day. Many winemakers and cellar doors sell a portion of their wine in cleanskin bottles, enabling you to pick out a great-tasting wine and add your personal touch to the bottle with a unique label. Many couples like to have their names and the wedding date on the label. However, you can also use a photo of the two of you, write a personal message, or even have the guests’ names on the label.

Potted Plant

A great way to go green and at the same time offer your guests a simple and unique bomboniere is to give small potted plants. Not only will your guests love the originality, the plants help to create great decorative pieces throughout the reception hall. Consider your favourite flower or herb, or even a spring onion bulb or miniature tomato plant. Inexpensive to buy, cute potted plants look great in small terracotta pots. Remember to decorate the pot to give it your personal touch.

Scented Candle

Everyone loves a scented candle burning in their home. Readily available, personalised scented candles can bring back memories of your wedding day long after the event, especially if you have the same scent burning inconspicuously at your wedding reception. With the wide range of scented candles available, you are sure to find the perfect one to match your theme and personal style.

Homemade Herbed Olive Oil

A bottle of herbed olive oil is very simple to make and is something every guest will appreciate and enjoy using. You can make your own herbed olive oil quite simply and inexpensively. All you need are some basic supplies from your local party shop, a nice olive oil from the supermarket, and some fresh herbs. Having these ready a few weeks before your wedding will ensure the oil is nicely infused with the delicious herb flavours. Be sure to add your own personal touch to the bottle, such as a tag with your initials on it, an attractive label, or a matching coloured ribbon.

Disposable Camera

One of the more unique ways for your guests to take their memories of your wedding day away with them is with a disposable camera. Invite guests to take their own snapshots of your wedding day. It is also a great way to get everyone mixing and mingling together, something that can take some doing when bringing two families together, sometimes for the first time. A disposable camera is one of the more unique bomboniere ideas that all guests will appreciate and enjoy using. Cameras are available in a range of colours, and you can choose to have them personalised or not, depending on your preference and budget.

Homemade Jam

If you are after unique and personal wedding bomboniere ideas, giving guests a small jar of homemade jam not only shows your love and appreciation, but it is something practical they can enjoy at home. There are heaps of great jam recipes readily available, such as the usual favourites like raspberry, strawberry or apricot, or you may prefer to do something a bit different, like kiwifruit, crabapple or fig jam. Homemade jam is easy to make, and the jars can be decorated and personalized. Jam is one wedding favour your guests will definitely use.

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About the Author: Janine Marsh has been supplying unique wedding bomboniere ideas for the past 12 years. Her one-of-a-kind ideas and do-it-yourself style have led her to help many happy couples give their guests the most perfect and heartfelt gifts of appreciation.

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