The Virtual World, A Universal Workplace

meeting officesOnce upon a time, it used to be that you had to set an alarm clock, force yourself into a shower, pick out an outfit, get dressed, and get into your car to face a horrible commute to get to work. Now times have changed and in this Tweet this Tweet that world that we live in, and the way that people work has transformed the virtual world into a universal workspace.


Telecommuting is on the rise, and there are hundreds of thousands of people around the globe that work inside the walls of their own homes. Work-at-home arrangements between employers and employees, have a proven success rate, and the employees that choose to work from home, maintain the same workloads, and responsibilities as their counterparts, they just don’t have the stress of having to travel to a physical office each and every day.

Employers Are Saving Money and Increasing Productivity

One of the reasons that employers value their telecommuting relationships is the fact that really small companies or companies that are looking to expand, or have clientele in other cities, can set up shop using their telecommuters and virtual offices. Setups like virtual offices new York, allow employers the opportunity to host clients in meeting rooms nyc at an hourly rate verses the company having to pay for a virtual office new York space that they will rarely ever use. Lots of the businesses that have chosen to use virtual offices report that they have seen an increase in their productivity level. Employees are happier as they have the flexibility of being able to choose the hours that they work, and even the location that they choose to work in. The virtual office is the perfect work situation for someone who needs to stay home to care for a child or an elderly family member.

Saving the Planet One Telecommuter at a Time

Another advantage of telecommuting is the impact that it is having on the environment. Employees are not burning up the roadways, so they are helping to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. Less carbon and other pollutants in the atmosphere is a win, win situation for the world at large.

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