Texas Marijuana Offenses: Cracking down on Offenders

Texas is hard on marijuana offenses with the state finding its offenders with harsh fines. Not to mention the long time spent making up for the crime in prison past the average person’s life span. But in Texas, a person selling or using the substance can expect to go through a serious of trails when it comes to marijuana substances.

In-depth Understanding of Marijuana Penalties in Texas

The reason for this is because of the various punishments available ranging from one to four penalties with additional charges. The punishments for marijuana various from fines to jail times depending on the amount of the drug is found on sellers and users. One can avoid jail time depending on how many times they have been convicted of dealing marijuana. Example: A person who has already gained a significant record for marijuana possession

Expectations of Basic Marijuana Offenses in Texas

Marijuana sellers within Texas should expect to be fined and imprisoned

  • There are at least seven penalties in Texas for this type of substance abuse
  • Officials can take the property of anyone accused or found selling marijuana which can include your vehicle, home or smaller assets.
  • Licensed revoked for up to 6 months
  • Under penalty 3 and 4 a person can serve a maximum of 5 to 99 years if caught with marijuana weighting at least 4oo grams or more.
  • PCP, Ritalin, Ketamine, Valium, Cocaine, and other controlled substances found weighing less than one gram penalty requires 180 days up to 2 years imprisonment with a fee of 10,000 dollars.
  • Dealings with Marijuana can be considered a form of tax evasion with additional charges attached.

Texas’s laws for marijuana are more complicated due to the exact amount a person may have during the time. The basic range of penalty fees required this this type of felony can go from $ 10,000 to $250,000. Overall marijuana without the proper documentation of proof for use is an illegal act that does have its own category of punishment. The state of Texas cracks down hard on marijuana /drug offenders.

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