State Laws Regarding Personal Injury

Personal InjuryLawsuits today are big business. The State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting revealed that in 2002 there had been a 12% increase over the previous decade for the number of civil lawsuits. That number was 16 million in one year, and since 2002 it has continued to grow. And with the majority of those suits being personal injury cases, average citizens need to be aware of how it may affect them either as a plaintiff or a defendant.

What is Personal Injury Law For?

The reason we have personal injury laws is because people may receive injuries to their body’s, minds, or even emotions much like that of property damages. Personal injury laws allow them to sue the people they hold responsible for the negligence, or affliction. An individual may also sue due to defamation of character. Some of the damages that a tort suit like this might have include:

Personal Injury Law in Massachusetts

Massachusetts recently revamped some of their laws to now state that personal injury suits against the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority will have a liability cap of $100,000, except when there is serious bodily harm. reported that this would mean:

  • Permanent disfiguration.
  • Loss or impairment of bodily function, limb, or organs.

Because the laws are ever changing and fluctuating it would be smart to maintain some connections with Massachusetts personal injury lawyers to make sure you understand your rights and obligations.

Florida’s Recent Law Changes

Florida has also seen some recent changes. A law blog by the Searcy law group wrote about the recent battle. Floridians are experiencing a lot of personal injury law fraud, and now there is legislation to incorporate Personal Injury Protection. According to publisher John Hopkins, insurance commissioners Rick Scott and Kevin McCarty are pushing this legislation that will cause a “series of methods to attack a problem by saddling honest consumers with more regulation and less benefit”.

New Jersey’s Take on Personal Injury

The New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicle website shares a little bit about their personal injury laws and how to connect with a lawyer. One recent change is that now there are more statutes of limitations. A couple of examples are:

  • Adults must file within 2 years from the date the injury occurred.
  • Minors have to file within 2 years of their 18th birthday.

A Few Insights

Because personal injury law affects you so much as an individual, HG Legal Resources offers a few insights to be aware of.

  • With personal injury law, liability is the main factor.
  • Many cases never actually make it to court.
  • It is also known as “tort” law.

Some of the things you could sue for are:

  • Medical expenses.
  • Pain and suffering.
  • Loss of consortium or companionship.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Emotional distress.
  • Legal costs.

Knowing more about the personal injury laws in your state could actually be a huge benefit to you. Information about your rights may determine how you handle situations you run into. Know your states laws, and be prepared.

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