Slave to the Printer Gods No More

Woman with printerMake no doubt about it, printer ink cartridges are pricey, and even beyond that often times you never feel like you have gotten your money out of your Ink Cartridges  when you see that low on ink light come on. If you feel like you have tried just about everything under the sun to free yourself from the ball and chain of the printer Gods, but have not broken through, here are a few tips that may help you out.

Before you press that print button, go to print preview instead. If you find yourself printing off a whole bunch of useless nonsense, and extra pages that you don’t need, your print preview feature will allow you to review your pages before you print so that you can pick, choose, and control what you print. Pick and choose what you want off of a page. Often times when you use the internet and decide that you want to print something, it never comes out on paper the way that it looks on the screen. If you are only looking to print a paragraph or so, just highlight the text that you want and print that, and forget about all of the graphics and other stuff that you really don’t need. You will not only save on ink, but you will save some trees too.

Make sure that you use your printer at least once a week, if you use it any less than that you run the risk of drying out your ink cartridges. Take advantage of printer cartridge refill. Refilling cartridges is a great way to save money if you need to print a lot of copy for research projects or personal copy. Don’t just flip off the power strip switch each time you turn off your electronics. You would not just shut off the power to your computer without shutting it down properly, right? So why do that to your printer? Take the time to power down your printer the right way. Otherwise, you will be cutting off the power while the print heads are not in the right position, meaning the ink will dry up faster!

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