Obtain a Merchant Cash Advance Online through Yellowstone Capital

Cash AdvanceAn Alternative Form of Financing

If you’ve been turned down for a business loan from your bank, then you can still raise the capital you need by obtaining a merchant cash advance for your business. One of the companies that offers this alternative form of financing is Yellowstone Capital. This kind of funding is based on the amount of credit card receipts a company receives. Therefore, you have a good chance of being accepted for the financing.

Your Credit Score is Not a Major Consideration when You Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance

When you receive an advance of this type then, you don’t have to worry about your credit history and the terms of repayment are flexible. In addition, approval is quick as you don’t have to supply a business plan or tax returns in order to get approved So, if you’ve been turned down by traditional banking institutions, you’ll need to investigate cash advance funding further.

The Concept Behind Obtaining an Advance

Basically, a merchant cash advance is a sale of a company’s future business. So, the advance is determined by the percent of sales a company expects to receive at a future date. Therefore, when you pay back the advance, a small percent of your sales are paid back to the cash advance company. Again, repayment is flexible as you can take from a month to a year to remit the payback amount.

You’re Not Obligated to Make Fixed Payments as You are with a Bank Loan

So, when you’re paying back the advance, you won’t receive 100% of your sales but, instead, receive the total sales volume minus the amount you’ve agreed to pay back. After you’re done paying back the amount for the advance then, you’ll start receiving 100% of your sales revenue once again.

Capital Funding Made Simple

Once you apply for the funding, you’ll know your status within 24 hours after your application is submitted. Therefore, businesses with less-than-perfect credit can obtain capital effortlessly as long as they regularly receive a specific amount in sales each month.

Advance Financing for Businesses that Don’t Accept Credit Card Sales

If you’re a business that does not accept payments by credit card, then you may be interested in Yellowstone’s Bank Only ACH program. Instead of basing the financing on your company’s credit card sales, they determine the advance by the amount of the gross deposits in a company’s checking account. Paying back the advance, in this case, requires a shorter payback time.

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