Memorable Advertisements

Every advertising agency dreams of creating award-winning, show-stopping ads for their clients. The Cannes Lion’s Festival is often called the world’s biggest ad event, bringing delegates from around the world to witness the best work of the global advertising agency world, attend seminars and workshops, and gather inspiration for the following year.

Here are a few of the winning international advertisements (Grand Prix and Gold Winners) from the 2012 Cannes Lions Festival:

printing servicesTo promote Google’s Voice Search app, this quirky campaign featured phonetic spellings of landmarks and popular sayings.

A stunning and memorable print advertisement featuring President Obama kissing Hugo Chavez supported the UNHATE Foundation. The advertiser was United Colors Benetton, a clothing brand.

A powerful, poignant Amnesty International campaign, drawing attention to state-sanctioned murder in Uruguay, featured old photographs of family members and recent recreated photographs minus the family member(s) who had mysteriously disappeared.

The immediacy of attraction was illustrated in off-the-wall location advertisements featuring Axe Anarchy body sprays. The tagline was “Unleash the chaos.”

Brazil’s mobile phone company Claro had blue-space ads warning people not to text and drive. “One letter is all it takes.”

“Don’t let germs settle down,” say these Chinese Maxim toothpaste ads, featuring ugly yet strangely beautiful images of stone masonry and ruins inside big molars.

McDonald’s of South Africa says hosting a birthday party at home means you have to invite some of your child’s less savory friends into your house. Pictures of cartoonish aliens and monsters ensued. “Let US deal with them,” says McDonald’s.

“The world’s is a hard place to understand.” Beautifully intricate print ads for Mercado magazine  were illustrated with a flag made from the iconic imagery of another country. One featured an American flag made of Chinese dragons and other Chinese zodiac symbols.

Mercedes vans have seats you can move around in almost any arrangement. Their print campaign illustrated that by showing seats in the shape of letters to spell out “Family,” “Business” and “Leisure.”

The Surfrider Foundation commissioned an ad campaign showing typical proud catch photos replacing fish with trash items found in the ocean.

Volkswagen has new park-assist technology, which helps drivers parallel park with automation. The campaign showed funny situations where this would be most useful – such as in between a row of motorcycles and a police car.

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