Marcus Evans Business Summits

bussiness summitHeld throughout the year, Marcus Evans business summits provide a unique environment for industry leaders and professionals to discuss changes within their respective industry, discover solutions to current business issues and network with industry peers and leading decision makers.

The invitation only events offer guests the opportunity to meet with potential clients in an atmosphere of restricted competition. Events are designed to limit provider participation on a per product category basis. By restricting the number of attendees per product category, guests are able to present their services, ideas and solutions to leading decision makers in a controlled environment. In addition to this, guests are invited to pre-arrange one-on-one meetings with other guests should they require closed meetings.

Each Summit features a full and dynamic programme of speakers, presentations and forums. Guests receive the full programme schedule prior to attending and are encouraged to personalise their itinerary to reflect their business needs. By tailoring their schedules, guests can maximise the benefits of attendance and attend key events as well as arranging meetings with specific decision makers and industry professionals should they choose to do so.

The Summit programmes are designed to offer key industry insights and help identify areas of growth for businesses. With presentations from industry leaders and world-renowned guest speakers, attendees benefit from the experience and expertise of their peers both during summit events and via the networking sessions available throughout the summit.

With events covering a number of industries including marketing and sales, finance and insurance, information technology as well as healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing, professionals across a variety of sectors can benefit from attending the summits. The unrivalled and exclusive summit locations provide superior conference facilities in addition to luxurious accommodation and leisure facilities for all delegates.

In addition to providing guests with key industry insights, attendees benefit from the opportunity to meet with industry leaders and liaise with solutions providers as well as potential clients. The information available ensures attendees are not only prepared for changes within their respective industries but that they are at the forefront of the changing industry landscape. Guests gain a distinct competitive advantage which leads to increased revenue and profits. In addition to this, attendees increase their network of solutions providers and clients and are able to implement business strategies which benefit their businesses and the industry as a whole.

About Marcus Evans

Marcus Evans is one of the world’s leading providers and promoters of global summits strategic conferences, professional training, in-Company training, business-to-business congresses, sports hospitality and on-line information. For more information about Marcus Evans and the business summits that they run please visit:

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