How to Ensure New Starters at a Company Feel Welcome

Do you remember your first day at a new job? I certainly remember being very nervous whenever I started working for a company, and it’s very likely that those you’ve just hired will feel the same – especially if this is their first ever job. However, there are many ways you can dispel any nerves they have and ensure they are welcomed with open arms.

Although it’s probably safe to say that young people feel most anxious when starting a new job and will be worried about making mistakes, it’s important to make certain that everyone – from entry-level workers to older people joining a senior management team – enters a comfortable environment where their views will be heard.

Joining a big company that hires hundreds – or even thousands – of people can often leave new starters feeling overwhelmed and thinking that they do not matter, even if this isn’t actually the case. But what can you do to guarantee that everyone who works for you has a great start to life at your organisation?


Regardless of the size or scale of your organisation, it’s worth ensuring that all new starters are made to feel important and that they matter. Perhaps the first step to doing this is making sure that someone is on hand to welcome them as they enter your premises. Even something as simple as being greeted by a friendly face will help to settle any initial nerves they have.
From here, you should take them to the department where they will be working so they can meet their colleagues. Make sure you introduce everyone properly to the new starter and offer them a hot drink to settle in.

Show them around

promotional mugsDepending on the industry you work in, a tour of the premises may simply facilitate introductions and ensure the new starter is aware of the location of fire exits and bathrooms. However, in some industries, such as manufacturing, a tour of the premises could be more substantive, comprising valuable insights into production, just-in-time processes and potential bottlenecks.
After the tour, make sure you take the opportunity to show your new starter the kitchen or breakout area so that they know where to grab a tea or coffee once they’ve settled in. Your new starter pack could even include a printed promotional mug. Having cups that feature your business’s logo and brand can help to cultivate a sense of togetherness in the workplace and make new starters feel an integral part of your company.

Promotional products like branded mugs can be a great way to raise brand awareness or support a particular marketing campaign or corporate initiative.

Schedule catch-ups

Of course, you’ll want your new employee to get started on their work as soon as possible, but that’s not to say they should be left entirely to their own devices. Holding regular catch-up meetings should provide a good opportunity to check up on their progress and make sure they feel comfortable with their role. Doing so will also give them a chance to ask any questions they may have.

What steps is your business taking to ensure that new starters feel welcome? Leave a comment and let us know.

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