Adding Soothing Water to Your Garden

Gardens come in many shapes and sizes. Even smaller gardens can support the addition of a water feature. Water added to a garden can add a soothing touch and make the garden into an oasis of calm. There are a number of different types of water features that can be added, and they vary in complexity and in cost. Ponds, fountains and birdbaths are some examples.

A fountain outdoor may seem rather excessive for a smaller garden. However, this can in fact add a nice feature to the garden. Fountains do not have to be large; they can be a small basin with running water or a bird bath that needs to be manually filled. Many models feature the ability for the water to be recycled. These features attract birds and add color and texture to the display. In addition, the gentle trickle of water is extremely soothing. You will want to spend all your time out in the garden after adding a water feature. Some modified will allow the water features to hold fish, although protection from wildlife and neighborhood cats will be necessary to protect the fish!

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