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writing essayWelcome to the official site of Writing Help – 100% original and professionally written academic reference essays, research papers, and more! Don’t waste time anywhere else, your trustworthy provider in great essay help is right here! At writing-help.com, you can learn about the various services that I provide as well as some of the products that I have available. Also, everything you need to know to contact me for any reason is available in the contact page of this site.


In mid 2007, I (Chris) began providing writing support for college and high school students with their essays, research papers, and any other writing projects. Since then, my client base has dramatically expanded, with over 200 different clients (and counting!) and thousands of pages of originally written and non-plagiarized academic reference papers to be used as reliable references. Be the next to join this growing client base and be on your way to an easier life—both in school and out of it!

Writing-Help Goes Global!

Now, anyone around the country can receive essay writing help from us. Clients can receive their academic reference papers through email and I accept payments through the secure, trusted, and well-known Pay Pal. YOU DON’T NEED a Pay Pal account to make a payment. All you need is a credit or check card – THAT’S IT! Visit the “Services” page for more info on this or the “Contact Me” page to contact me now.

Mission Statement

At our service, the mission here is to provide students from all areas of academia with direct help on their essays, research papers, and other writing projects. For many students, writing can be difficult, time-consuming, or just painfully boring! Our goal is to alleviate the stresses of writing essays by providing you with direct help on them. This means 100% original, 100% non-plagiarized papers written specifically for the topic and specifications that your professor requests for your own referencing. This does not mean turning them in as your own! That is considered cheating and might get you in trouble. Instead, the academic reference papers provided by us are the GUILT-FREE way to get your essays done easily, improve your writing, and learn something about the topic along the way. With the essays provided to you by writing-help.com, you have complete access to learn and refer to them to benefit you in your writing process!

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure about Writing-Help.com, you can call, text, or email me, Chris, if you have any more questions or concerns.
Before you pay, I can send a sample of the reference essay that was written for you, just so you can be sure.
The goal here is to HELP YOU with the writing process, so don’t hesitate to express ANY concerns.

What Now?

  • For more information, check out the “Services”page for detailed information on the kinds of help I can provide for you with your essay. You can also find the pricing information there.
  • For samples of my writing, visit the “Writing Samples” page.
  • $AVE! with Writing Help! Visit the “$AVING$!” page for more information.
  • To learn about the products I have available, visit the “Products” page.
  • For contact information, visit the “Contact Me” page.

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