Virginia’s Non-sense Rules for Unlucky First Time Offenders

first time offenderThe state of Virginia is by far, one of the strictest states that rarely allow for second chances for first-time offenders. Minor crimes committed with be quickly tried and found guilty with a cruel punishment waiting rather than a slap on the wrist. Reasons for this are the possibility of teaching more people to bare the consequences of their actions.

First-time Offenders Receiving Severe Punishments

Virginia is known to not show the slightest bit of slack in their court system. The term first-offender simply means a person who has committed a crime for the first time or without a prior criminal record available. While this does say something good, Virginia courts do believe in not sparing the rod as discipline for all first time offenders and recorded criminals alike. The operations of Virginia are known for dealing with the problem ahead of time instead of releasing and rebooking a second time around.

Setting the Bar for Newer Offenders

First-Time Offenders Should Beware Of:

  • First time crimes do stick on your record no matter how small in Virginia
  • Even the tiniest crimes can be a sentence to public service to jail time such as shoplifting
  • You will not get off with a warning, mostly likely will be booked and sentenced
  • Virginia rarely allows first time offenders to go home unscathed
  • Virginia works under division programs which sort out and handle different cases including minor details.

There is no doubt the jails could be full due to this process, but keeping all in order for Virginia’s citizens. In short, if you are the kind of person who has never committed any crime or misdeed to anyone, but choose to fall out of line. You will be prosecuted with some sort of punishment that will stay on your new record. If the accused is given leniency they must stay out of trouble for a certain amount of time for the charges to be dropped. If you do have a past record, are not considered a new offender and will have a 1% chance of being set free.


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