Top Tips for Planning a Company Conference

Company ConferenceHave you been dropped in at the deep end and asked to plan your company conference? While it may seem daunting initially, our tips will have you up and running in no time – and planning a conference that will knock your bosses’ socks off.

An early and crucial thing to get right is the date. You need one far enough in advance that you have a realistic chance of getting the venue and speakers you most want, but it is also important that it doesn’t clash with any other industry conferences that delegates would otherwise have to choose between. As far as possible, try and avoid major national sporting clashes as well, so that all of the attention of your attendees is on your agenda. And it should go without saying, but if planning a conference over a weekend ensure it is not a Bank holiday.

Venue is also important – and being in or around a city has much to recommend it. Ease of transport links and on-site rooms will make getting to and staying at your conference a stress-free experience for delegates. Use targeted searches, for meeting rooms in Bristol, for example, to find out the best of what that lively city has to offer for those holding conferences.

As far as budget goes, you need to know what you have available so you can maximise the conference facilities without costs rocketing. The biggest expense will be the venue, but also ensure you have enough to hire speakers, caterers and any entertainment or team-building workshop leaders you want to make your conference go with a bang.

Aim to get a conference venue with as much as possible on site, as this minimises hassle for both the organisers and delegates. Hotels located just outside of towns or cities offer everything in one location; from large rooms to hold a multi-day conference to intimate rooms for a quiet corporate lunch.  Along with this, they offer a number of facilities to keep your attendees entertained after the meeting, from relaxing in the spa to networking with others in the restaurant.

Once the venue is sorted, the biggest other single indicator of whether the conference will be a success is the quality of the speakers. You need a variety of experts who are well-known in your industry, both because of their past achievements or their innovations. These in turn will attract other speakers and also high calibre delegates.

Be sure to include enough time for networking in the agenda, and enough food and drink for those attending – and your conference is destined to be a success.

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