The Michel Thomas Method Review

total french michel thomas methodIn comparison to the competition from established big-market programs like Rosetta Stone, The Michel Thomas Method almost seems as if it’s scarcely known. This is a shame, because in all of my experiences with foreign language learning programs.

The Michel Thomas Method is my absolute favorite! The program teaches you in a manner that just makes so much more sense than the approaches that some other programs take. Rather than being heavily focused on either vocabulary, or heavily focused on grammar/language mechanics, the Michel Thomas Method gives you the best of both worlds by teaching you useful, usable, and quickly applicable words and phrases, and introducing grammar concepts as they come up.

You may not learn your target language as QUICKLY as you would using other language learning resources, but you’ll certainly develop a good understanding of the language while still learning new vocabulary at a fair rate. I recommend the Michel Thomas method to anyone who is seriously interested in becoming fluent in a foreign language.

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