The Basic about Time and Date Stamps

Employee Time ClocksIn today’s modern office it has become essential to have Time Date Stamp equipment for various uses. In the past these machines were commonly known as time recorders or clock card machines and were mostly used by big companies to track the hours worked by an employee. It involved inserting a time sheet made of a heavy paper into the time clock slot and when the employees hit with their card on the rear card slot the machine would register day and time information on the card.

The modern time and date stamps are enabled with various capabilities and thereby can perform diverse functions depending from their many types ranging from;

  • Time recorders which helps you to discover flexible and reliable payroll recording.
  • Constant message machines which are used in document validation, giving special instruction on specific orders and shipping instructions.
  • Numbering and date stamps used in numbering and dating of receipts, invoices and all types of documents.
  • Time stamp which is used to instantly print time and date anywhere across the top or bottom of a document.
  • Transcript embosser machines are used for stamping text and custom seals on documents like certificates, diplomas and legal papers.
  • Cut-sheet dater which is a machine that can position the date anywhere on any form.

Majority of time and date stamp manufacturers have gone an extra mile to produce machines which are fast and efficient. They have put the overall cost into consideration and therefore they’re regularly coming up with date and stamp machines which enable you to perform more than one activity on your documents. For instance, you can now find an embosser which apart from embossing a seal on the document, it can at the same time print a combination of signature, title, date, and additional text in one step. This means you can just use a single machine to sign, validate, certify and date all kinds of documents. You’ll also notice that many time and date stamps are electronically controlled thus they’re easy to use since many features like digital programming and document size can be pre-programmed for an automatic operation.

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