Synthetic Drug Dangers Increase with Smiles Appearing On Scene

A Dateline NBC special recently covered the issue of synthetic drugs. More specifically, it was the recounting of a young man who was athletic, helpful and positive who suddenly started acting differently. His parent reported he would come home at different hours and would start talking to himself. They didn’t know what was wrong.

A few days later, he was at a friend’s home playing video games. He got a hold of a gun and moments later his friend heard a shot. He took his own life. And the culprit behind this was his use of synthetic drugs.

The story is one that will send a chill down any parent’s spine. What’s even shocking is the drugs that were taken are legal in some places. They can be purchased in convenience stores and gas stations and are also relatively inexpensive.

As one drug is taken off the market, a new one will emerge with a different formula designed to produce the same effect.

The New Synthetic Drug

rehab centerAccording to reports, a new synthetic drug has just appeared in America. A St. Louis police station announced that the substance, called Smiles [or N-Bomb] has recently hit the market in Midwestern towns. The substance is similar to LSD, a dangerous drug that causes hallucinations, paranoia, bi-polar and personality disorders. LSD was a drug around during the ‘60s and ‘70s and was used by psychiatrists on the mentally ill. The drug was outlawed during this time.

Smiles mimic this drug’s effects, is taken in a similar way and purchased over the Internet as well as in places where the drug has not been outlawed.

This news has put fear into the minds of parents and also concerned law enforcement officials who have been advised to “stay ahead of the game” regarding new synthetic drugs.

The Next Step

With the problem of this new drug being put on the market and possibly more to come, what can people do stop Smiles and synthetic drug use altogether?

Narconon, a residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Canadian, Oklahoma advises there are several ways to stop synthetic drug use. The first is to have parents talk to their kids about the dangers of these drugs as well as to educate them on the signs and symptoms. Next, drug education and prevention on synthetic drugs in schools is necessary.

Law enforcement must keep taking substances off the market or controlling their sales. Lastly, drug rehab centers have to prepare to help those who are struggling with synthetic drug addiction and work to get them permanently clean and sober.

About the Author: Bernice Rockwell is a writer as well as former drug educator. She recommends that if you need more information on the signs of synthetic drug use or how to get someone help to contact Narconon today.

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