James McAluney – Going Beyond the Insurance Business

Businesses in need of insurance owe it to themselves to ensure that they choose the best resource for all of their insurance needs. This usually means choosing an insurance representative that has been in the insurance business for a number of years. What’s more, this typically also includes choosing someone who specializes in commercial insurance. What many people don’t consider, however, is that other side of the person that they are choosing to represent their company’s insurance needs, and that’s the personal side of their representative.

James McAluney is an insurance agent that goes beyond a job well done for his customers. Naturally, he provides the very best services that he can. But, it’s through is efforts to keep himself in touch with the world around him that allows him to be the kind of man that businesses can trust.

For example, Jim McAluney volunteers for youth sports programs. He spends his time coaching and refereeing for baseball, basketball and soccer. In addition, he also volunteers for several charities in the community with a large focus on religious outreaches that work towards educating the less fortunate.

James McAluney isn’t always doing things for others, he does do some things for himself as well. For example, he is well traveled. Domestically, he makes it a point of traveling to one of the cities that the Philadelphia Phillies play in each year — Jim truly loves baseball so much that he said that he enjoys discussing, “the problems with Major League Baseball and how to fix them”. What’s more, he has also traveled throughout the Mediterranean and to Ireland.

Jim McAluney is also working towards creating his own motivational speaking program. He wants to focus on topics that will impact families. Overall, Jim is a well rounded man with a lot of interests. This is the kind of man that local businesses should look to for their insurance needs; a man that cares about people.

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