How to Pack Fast for a Last-Minute Getaway

woman struggling to close suitcaseYou’ve been searching online, and you’ve found a great deal on flight and a hotel that was so cheap you booked the trip without hesitation. Now you’re leaving in a few days and you haven’t even begun to prepare. How will you possibly pack for your trip on such short notice? Here are some tips:

Choose a Smaller Bag

Although you’re probably in the habit of packing a large suitcase when you go away, this time only use a small duffel bag or a backpack. Packing a smaller piece of luggage will force you to be more selective about what you bring and will make packing your bag quicker. It will also make getting around faster and more convenient, as you won’t be dragging a huge piece of luggage behind you.

First Things First: Pack the Necessities

The first things you want to throw in the bag are your necessary items, including socks and underwear. If you are only going on a trip for a few days, you can get away with packing a couple pairs of underwear and socks as well as one change of clothes. However, if you are going for more than a few days you may want several changes of clothing.

Pack the items that you would regret forgetting, such as contact lenses or glasses, your prescription medication and cell-phone charger. If you’re flying internationally, it is essential that you don’t forget your passport. Keep it in a passport holder so the edges don’t get bent and damaged. Sometimes your passport will not be accepted if it is damaged or dirty.

When it comes to clothing, think of the necessities such as T-shirts, jeans, pants and simple dresses for women. These items can be worn in different combinations and can be dressed up with scarves, necklaces and other accessories. Don’t bother packing a shirt that matches one pair of pants, or a dress that’s only appropriate for one type of situation. The versatile little black dress can be your best friend.

Lay out your outfit combinations on the bed so you can see how everything comes together. If anything seems out of place or you can’t imagine where you’d wear it, don’t pack it.
Pajamas are not a necessity. They will cost you valuable packing time and you can sleep in the nude, if you have a private room, or in your T-shirt.

Next Step: Toiletries

If you travel frequently, here is a great tip that will make packing your toiletries the easiest and fastest thing in the world. Gather together some travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, body wash and create a special travel toiletry kit that is separate than the toiletries that you use at home.
Keep this kit in a zippered pouch or a special bag and leave it somewhere easily accessible. When you find out you are going away, all you need to do is to grab the bag and toss it into your luggage.

When it comes to toiletries, you’ll save yourself time and hassle if you only bring the essentials. You don’t need to have several types of soap or flavours of lip gloss during your trip. If you need sun block or painkillers, pick them up at the local pharmacy when you arrive in your destination.

Here’s another handy hint: Throw a couple of garbage bags or large zip-lock bags into your luggage. They will help you to keep your dirty laundry separate from your clean clothes.
When it comes to packing quickly, the idea is to pack only essentials. You can always pick up the small extras once you arrive.

About the Author: Layla Peterson is a freelance travel writer who is constantly on the move. She has perfected the art of packing a quick bag whenever she finds a last min vacation deal.

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