How to Get out of “Annuity Prison”

lump sum paymentDoes it often seem like the annuity income you are receiving each and every month is not enough to help you break out of the financial freedom rat race. The expert staff at Einstein Structured Settlements calls this the gilded age of Annuity Prison. When you want guaranteed income you think that it’s an excellent annuity stream, correct? Well unfortunately that is not the case. You may want to purchase a home, change the neighborhood you are currently living in, or stop the bills from piling up. Other expenses such as medical bills and credit card debt may grow faster than you initially thought and selling a structured settlement may end up being the only feasible solution.

The alternative of annuity prison terms is as follows: Give up the initial advantage for a one off need for cash now. After all it is your money right? The two avenues for your financial freedom routes is to structured your annuity in a different way; the other option is to convert this annuity into up to 5 lump sum payments.

Annuities in their simplest form are fixed regular payments but they can also be more flexible. For index-linked payments where your regular income is keeping pace with inflation you can have some flexibility. The payments may be monthly or annual but are variable because the annuity is based on a different underlying investment. If the investments perform well than your income payments would end up going up. It is also feasible to work in a guaranteed minimum payment, while the investments are underperforming.

If you are looking to sell an annuity for a lump sum payment because the regular payments do not meet your current financial needs than calling 1-888-497-0724  and explaining to the expert advisors on why you want to change your current settlement in favor of a larger one or two time payment than you can certainly do so.

With the extra cash spun off you can use the funds to promote and invest in what is important to you. In many cases your financial freedom and escape from annuity prison is of the utmost importance.

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