Career Selection Guide

job & careerMaking it in lie most of the time will always depend on a person’s career. It should be noted that all careers are rewarding but the difference is always in how much they pay back. There are some careers that reward an individual almost immediately while others requires practice for some few years. Therefore, when getting into the journey of career and employment, you must consider a number of factors that will help you land in the best career that will give you job satisfaction at the end of it all. Among the many things that people consider when career matters are concerned include;


Interest is a driving force to success in every person’s life. Research has shown that people who find themselves in careers that do not excite them most of the time feel frustrated as a result of the pressure that comes from work. Therefore, interest has taken the top most position consideration when it comes to career selection.


The other thing that needs to be considered is the ability to undertake the course or subject that leads into the career. In most cases, many people admire a given career but they find themselves not able to rise up to the task and challenges. For instance, a person wishing to follow the field of Engineering will have to be very smart in Sciences, therefore, when this has not been your line from the time you were young, then you will not be able to manage at all. There is also the challenge of funding that hinders people from following their dream career. Some of the careers are very expensive and when a person who is in the average class cannot be able to go for them.

Market demand

The other driving force to the flourishing of certain careers is the demand in the market. For instance, currently, there is lots of technological innovations around the world and all graduates need to be technological friendly. When choosing a career, it is important that you do a market survey that will help you establish and even develop yourself in the employment world.
Career and employment are therefore intertwined and needs to be considered a great deal.

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