Business Plan For Couple t-Shirt

I have created a business that I will be implementing next year and here is my business plan. La Impresionar Baro is engaged in manufacturing couple and friendship t-shirt. It is a unique pair of shirt designed for couples and group of friends in an affordable price. This is the reason why the partners of this company decided to come up with this concept. Every business should consider the marketability of goods and services that they offer to their customers and also the different strategies they need to implement so that the business will not fail. Identifying the major competitors of the product has a great significance on creating different strategies for the product. The team also position the product based on the benefit it can give to the consumers and also to the society as well. Positioning of the product identifies the difference of our product from other leading brands. The brand name of the product is “Triple J Aces”.

For pricing purposes, the team decided to use cost-based pricing to cover all the costs of manufacturing the couple and friendship t-shirt. The couple and friendship t-shirt has a selling price of Php400.00. For the sales projection, the team set (3) years of operation using a forecasting method. The first part of the management aspect is brief profile of owner. The company is composed of seven (7) members. The organization and compensation design includes the manpower requirement. The position, job description, and allowance per day are stated. The company’s organizational structure is composed of the Manager, Production Supervisor, Financial Staff, Marketing Staff and three (3) workers. All members of the partnership shall have specific position in the company.

In the technical plan, the operations to be performed are discussed. The company decides to run the business in full production. The company will operate from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The working hours start at 1:00 pm. But Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be dedicated for the production and manufacturing of the products.

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