Baseball Trophies are a Great Way to Say Thanks

play baseballI’m a huge fan of baseball. There’s just something so calming about watching a live baseball game.

Some of favorite memories growing up are at a baseball field. It didn’t matter if I was playing or not. I loved seeing my dad or brother up to bat. I enjoyed playing catch with my little brother in the front yard. Whether watching a live Little League game to watching a Pro-game is very exciting for me.

If by chance I’m ever invited to attend a game with friends, especially a Pro-game, it is essential that I give them a baseball gift in return as thanks. Sports memorabilia or baseball trophies are a great way to say “thank you” to big sports fans. Baseball trophies can range anywhere from a baseball with their favorite player, to card holders for an autographed players card, to a  small M.V.P. Award.

Maybe the baseball gift isn’t for someone who invited you for a game, but you are a baseball parent, there’s not a better way to say thank you to a coach who has put their time and effort into training your kids, then with an engraved baseball trophy. These types of gifts allow for personalization and it creates a unique display item for the coach receiving the gift.

My husband is an even bigger baseball fan then I am and he has hundreds of baseball cards that he’s collected since childhood. One of the things I enjoy giving him the most is an autographed baseball from of his favorite players. Not only are these autographed baseballs wonderful for display in our home, but they accrue in value as well.

Sports memorabilia is always a fun way to say thanks and there are so many things to choose from. Consider purchasing for yourselves season tickets for a local college team. Get involved in the high school’s sports teams. I would definitely take advantage of purchasing a jersey, plaques, trophies, and autographed cards as gifts for friends and  family members.

One of the defining moments for me as a child was when three Pro baseball players came into our little town. They were doing a spot at the local radio station and I had the awesome opportunity (at the age of 10) to meet them. I was able to get their autographs, shake their hands, talk and laugh with them, and it was from that moment on baseball was my favorite game to watch and be a part of. So, if someone’s provides the same opportunity for one of your kids to get to see a Pro-Baseball game live—don’t miss it and be sure to give a baseball gift as a thank you for their thoughtfulness.

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