Americans Advocating for Arts

PuppetsNow more than ever before to most American it’s of great importance to appreciate and recognize all forms of art. Many non-governmental organizations and individuals are uniting hands towards this noble cause of advancing, promoting, cultivating, supporting and sustaining the arts in the United States. They’ve various goals as they art advocacy, and are motivated by the desire to;

  • Lobby the senators and representatives to increase the funding for the National Endowment for the Arts to help support the nation’s cultural values and the arts in the under-served communities.
  • Build meaningful individual awareness and appreciation of arts education and the benefits of arts.
  • Serve and advance individuals and organizations to enhance an environment where arts can thrive to bring about dynamism and creativity in the communities.
  • Ensure the operational stability of the organization and its ability to adequately respond to challenges and opportunities.
  • Reaching out to media with positive art messages to ensure that the artist’s point of view gets to the public.

Most artists in the international arts community encounter many challenges like lack of well formulated guidelines with regards to arts and healthcare and national service, and lack of tax exceptions to allow artist to claim a deduction for the full value of donated works. Therefore many American who are advocating for arts are urging the U.S Department of Education to seek appropriate fund from the Congress to support arts in the education programs. This call goes also the art educators and the learners as well to make their voices heard on the critical legislative issues affecting art education.

You might have wondered how you can advocate for arts as an American; this doesn’t require you to make too much effort there are lots of advocacy opportunities out there. You only need to have a clear message, be visible to decision makers, and harness the influence of an advocacy network. The Arts Advocacy Day is a day full of events whose prime aim is to advocate for arts by recognizing distinguished service on behalf of arts. This day also brings together various sections of America’s cultural and civic organizations to underscore the importance of arts and culture to the nation’s well-being.

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