A Nip and a Tuck Here and There

When people set out to find their dream house, they are looking for all of the bells and whistles that they feel that they need to ensure the comfort of themselves and their loved ones. A house is just as much of an individual as the residents that live in it, so taste and requirements among home buyers can vary greatly. Some people are looking for a home that has safety features because they have small children, some folks are looking for a place with an extra room that they can turn into a man-cave, or a theater room, and there are others that have their hearts set on a pool in the backyard. Most buyers that are looking for homes with pools aren’t looking to own one of The 10 Most Lavish Private Pools in America, they just desire a a cool retreat from the hot days of summer.

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Most people, when they are shopping around and viewing homes get so excited about the features of the home like the fancy stainless steel appliances, or the huge garden tub in a bathroom, that they fail to take notice of the condition of the yard and landscaping. Believe it or not, the condition of the trees in a yard can tell you a lot about the previous owners of the property, and give you a strong indication as to how much money you will need to front to ensure that everything stays beautiful and safe. The average person pays very little attention to the trees around them outside of noticing the colors of the leaves in the fall, and the idea of actually hiring a professional to prune the trees on their property is not even a consideration.

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Tree pruning is actually a very important element of home ownership, as regular and routine pruning can help save homeowners that live in areas that are prone to hurricanes, tornadoes, and frequent thunderstorms, thousands of dollars in repairs. The removal of dead, weak or diseased limbs ensures that they won’t become weapons that can be hurled about during a massive storm. Trees that are diseased and foliage free should be removed as a measure of prevention if they are in close proximity to the home. Trees provide shelter from the sun, beautiful scenery to look at, and oxygen to breath, so homeowners need to provide the trees in their yard a nip and a tuck every now and again.

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