5 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 2013

Ways to Improve Your FinancesProbably the most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and/or get in shape. Following right behind that is getting finances in order. If you are seeking to improve your finances in 2013, start the new year right by eliminating some expenses and trimming others. Here is a list to get you started:

1. Is your mortgage rate as low as it can be?

A mortgage payment is probably your single largest monthly expense. Are you paying the lowest interest rate available? You can check at a site like http://www.mortgagerates.ca. By refinancing, you can save as much as several hundred dollars a month on your payment, and Canada mortgage rates as well as those in the United States are currently very low.

2. Do you need all of your cable channels?

Do you watch all of your cable channels? Could you cut back on some and lower your subscription service? Better yet, could you cut cable all together and instead use a service like hulu.com to watch your favorite shows? You will save a bundle that way.

3. Do you have any automatic pay services you aren’t using?

Check your credit card to see what recurring payments you have. Do you pay $40 for a gym membership every month when you haven’t gone for months? Time to cancel. Do you still pay $3 a month for your bank to send you paper statements? Stop that now and get them sent electronically.

4. Are you renting a modem?

Are you renting a modem from your Internet carrier? Why not just buy one and save the $7 or so you are charged every month. You will recoup your cost in less than a year and will save from then on.

5. Sell your stuff.

Do you have clutter around your house that you never use? Why not sell your extra stuff and make some money to begin the new year. Get busy listing on eBay and Craigslist, and soon you will have a cleaner house and money in your pocket.

If you want to have a better year financially, take some of these steps to start the new year off heading in the right direction.

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