Putting Your Best Face Forward

If you are one of those guys that considers yourself to be a real man’s man, it is probably safe to assume that outside of shaving, and the occasional clipping of the nose hairs, you have probably never given much consideration in regards to caring for the skin on your face. You are the type of guy that hangs out with the fellas, and is ready and available anytime you are free for a pickup game of football, or basketball.

The thought of spending any additional time in the mirror primping might seem foreign to you, but the reality of it is, your skin’s appearance tells the world a lot about you. Did you know that large pores can actually make you look up to three years older? It really takes very little effort to minimize pores if you are using the right product, and if you could take three years off of your appearance, why wouldn’t you? Look, women love manly men, because all women want to feel like they are protected no matter what, but women also want a man who takes good care of himself. Do yourself and your skin a favor and invest in a product that is going to help you put your best face forward. Who knows, you just may catch the eye of that certain someone that you have been dying to ask out.

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