New York Narcotics and Drugs: A Conjoint Violation

It’s obvious if you’re living within New York selling narcotics and drugs you many face different degrees of punishment for having the item on you. But there is also a large area to cover with many getting away in the process due to certain punishments. The smallest kind one could encounter is paying a fee, while for others it means serving prison time less than life.

More Info on Narcotics and Drugs

To understand New York ways of handling narcotics and drugs one must know about the criminal diversion act. This act states that anyone who purposely sells is entitled to receiving up to fifteen years in penitentiary. One who has no idea can expect to be debarred with limited police involvement. Hawking pills for personal gain is a solemn offense which warrants officials to take drastic measures fast. This is due to selling drugs to others or buying for oneself when they were not need for remedial purposes.

Selling Prescription Meds in the 1st Degree

What Narcotic and Drug Sellers on a 1ST Degree

  • Under unit 178.15 based upon the the amount of drugs and narcotics sold users have to at least pay 60,000 or more.
  • This can go up to a third degree concluded by courts which can mean for the seller a minimum of fifteen or more spent in reformatory.
  • From a 1st to 2nd degree, amounts sold can be about $2,000 with 6-7 years served for the crime.
  • A 1st to 3rd degree can be between 3-5 years, but only if the quantity sold is less than $1,000. Also one can receive this punishment instead of the first if they repeat the crime.
  • All four range from an A to C in the section of the criminal division act.

This particular crime can lead to even more serious offenses if aligned with other criminal acts. But by itself narcotic and drugs in New York can lead to faster punishment with more years to serve. One iterating the same misconduct can be easily moved one punishment to another type.


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