First Came the Piggy Bank

Almost everyone can remember their first piggy bank. The excitement of dropping our few pennies in the piggy bank gave a feeling of pride. Counting the change to see how much you had saved. You couldn’t wait until you had more money to feed your piggy bank. Believe it or not that was a way our parents were teaching a life lesson that would be used for years to come.

Starting Early

When they have a birthday or receive allowances teach them to put some if not all into their savings. By giving your children a piggy bank at an early age will teach them the principle of saving money. It will be a lesson that they will use as they become adults and have families of their own. It is very important to teach your children the values of saving money. They will be less likely to have financial struggles if they apply those simple rules. Building character and structure that will help them to develop and grow financially.

As they become older they can put what they have saved into their own bank account. Making sure that they understand how important it is to save for a rainy day and the importance of having good credit. Most adults are struggling financially because of bad choice that they made with their money, which is causing them years of financial hardship.

Financial Freedom

By learning to save money as a small child it has more benefits than one. This will teach them how to save their money to get items that they may want but you refuse to buy. Giving them the financial freedom to buy some of those “I just got to have it” items will also keep them out of your wallet. This is a way that they can learn how to correctly use a bank account and the responsibility of having one.

The more you teach your children about how important it is to maintain a healthy bank account the more likely they are to be able to save money. When a teenager has their own debt card it gives them the sense of maturity. Showing them how to manage money is a life lesson that will be one of the most important tools for life that you can give to them. Start today by giving them the best gift they will ever have.

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