But I Don’t Own Any Frequency Controlled Gadgets

If you were sitting down in a restaurant somewhere, and someone started a conversation about frequency controlled devices, would you be completely lost, and left kind of feeling like you were in the the Twilight Zone? If your answer is yes you are far from being all by your lonesome on that one. If spending your free time reading about these sorts of things on Crystal Oscillators with FrequencyManagement.com sounds like a bore, and you are thinking that you will never have a need to learn anything about these types of devices, you need to think again, because you probably have several of these gadgets in your home. Take for example, your remote control. Not many people give their remote controls the respect that they deserve, as long it does its’ job that is all that really matters, but very few people ever think about how that little device that keeps them from having to get up out of their favorite chair actually works.

For the most part, there are two forms of remote controls: infrared (IR), and frequency (RF). Infrared remote controls work by causation pulses of infrared to a tool, and RF remote controls use radio waves in a lot of a similar manner. IR remote controls require a transparent line of sight to the receiving device, like your television, or stereo, and generally the device and the remote have to be no more than 30 feet away from each other. RF remote controls will span walls and go around corners, and extend  out roughly a 100 feet. IR remote controls contain an inside circuit card, processor, and one or 2 light-weight Emitting Diodes, better known as (LEDs).

When you push a button on your remote, it transmits a corresponding code to the receiving device  like a television and the flashing crystal rectifier light-weight sends  a series of 1s and 0s. The “1” could be pictured by a protracted flash, while “0,” a brief flash. A receiver, designed into the part, receives the pulses of sunshine and a processor decodes the flashes into the digital bits needed to activate the perform, and just like magic your channel is changed. Frequency controlled devices play a huge role in our everyday lives, so take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the ones that you use.

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