Will This Be a Tax Deduction

Many families today are facing the possibility of caring for their aging parents. Assistant living homes or nursing home are not options that they are comfortable with. So what are you left to do? Providing a safe environment that will provide the care and love they may need is a big concern. So many families are choosing to care for their parents in their homes. Making sure that they are comfortable and still able to maintain some sort of independence is very important.

A Safe Environment

Many seniors are hurt by slips and falls when trying to do the basic everyday task. Getting in and out of the bathtub can be a bit much for some. Or even walking up and down a flight of stairs can be difficult for them. You want to allow them to still have some control over their lives. Home improvements may be needed to ensure their safety. Adding small home improvements can benefit them in more ways than one. Many agencies for the aging have products to help provide them with safe ways to do activities that they are used to doing for themselves.

Home Health Care Improvements That Are Tax Deductions

Did you know that making a few simple home improvements can be a tax deduction? But before you rush out to make these improvements there are a few things that you must know. You have to make sure that the modifications must be for medical purposes. There are guidelines on what is allowed is very clear so make sure that you understand them before you start. You don’t want to get in trouble with the IRS by making false reports on what you have modified or why. You may be asked to provide documentation for their physician to back the reason why you have done the home health improvements.

  • Medical purposes only
  • All improvements must be permanent
  • Property values can’t be more than the medical expenses
  • Providing a capital expense tax worksheet

If you’re aging parents have arthritis and their physicians has stated that using a swimming pool will provide exercise to help with the condition you may be able to have a pool installed at your home to help them maintain mobility. You may have to install a new bathtub or a wheel chair ramp to assist them. Talk to their healthcare provider to see just what home health care improvements that are best for your parents.

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