What is an RFID; how it works?

Have you hear of rfid? I bet you can recognize them but since the term is too much of a technical jargon, you do not bother knowing what it actually is. To make things straightforward, an RFID or radio frequency identification is a technology that tracks product labels. That is when you fill your grocery cart with items, then walk out the door, and hear something rings.

Do you know that it was originally used in tracking cattle only? Now it replaces bar codes with smart labels. Now, it has been widely sued in retail stores and merchandise. But that’s not only where we can see RFIDs. They were used by manufacturers to tracks labels. It has been used also used for tracking vehicles and airline passengers nowadays.

This technology also helps in tracking pets and even Alzheimer patients. It works by connecting it to a large network which will then send information on products. We do not know what else this technology can bring on our lives in the next days.

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