The True Essence of an Educator

Teaching is considered to be the noblest profession among all professions. Some educators would consider it as a passion, for some it is a career, and for others it is a vocation. Teaching is a passion for the educator is hunger to impart the ideas and knowledge learned from the four corners of the classroom and from the source of knowledge – the books. Some would consider it as a career since it is the bread-and-butter of a certain family, and educators would even be off to other lands for greener pasture. Definitely, there would still be educators who consider teaching as a vocation. It is considered as a vocation since it comes from within and from Above. A vocation that does not wait for any return, but just to see how successful the students become when faces the real battle of life.

The effectiveness of the educators is not merely on the teaching methodologies used inside the classroom but the wholeness of the students. There are no best teaching methods that an educator may use to be an effective one. Teaching is molding the three domains of the students – cognitive, psycho-social, and the most vital is the affective. From this affective domain, the educator will be self-assured that the students will become assets to the country rather than liabilities.

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